We partner with leading physician practices, creating a cohesive, quality-oriented clinical culture and facilitating best practice sharing across the platform.
Our affiliated practices gain access to a wide array of services, providing a meaningful benefit to both physicians and patients. Focusing initially on the Western United States, Unio will continue to build a platform with a significant value proposition for all stakeholders.

Genesis Healthcare Partners

Genesis Healthcare Partners

Genesis Healthcare Partners is the largest independent urology group on the West Coast, with 34 physicians and 14 advanced practitioners operating out of 15 locations in the greater San Diego area, providing best-in-class clinical programs covering three sub-specialties - urology, gastroenterology and radiation oncology.
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Greater Los Angeles Division

Greater Los Angeles Division

The Greater LA Division (GLA) of Genesis Healthcare Partners is comprised of the leading physicians formerly affiliated with the Skyline Urology group. The 10 physicians and six advanced practice providers in GLA are known for their exemplary clinical programs and breadth of service offerings in both the South Bay and San Fernando Valley.
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West Coast Urology

West Coast Urology

West Coast Urology has five physicians and four advanced practice providers with offices in Downey, Inglewood, Los Alamitos and Whittier. With a roster of top-tier clinicians, West Coast Urology is a preferred provider to many value-based organizations and continues to expand its footprint and add additional service lines to serve its growing patient base.
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“Unio Health Partners is a unique opportunity for physicians to join a growing platform that offers clinical autonomy and value-added support in a physician-friendly structure. Our partners are positioned to grow their practices and improve quality and profitability while maintaining control over their destinies.”

Ed Cohen, MD - President, Unio Health Partners & President, Genesis Healthcare PC

Value Creation for Partners

Radiation Oncology Centers

The Unio management team has deep roots in radiation oncology (Vantage Oncology) and will lead the expansion of radiation oncology throughout the Unio network.

Centralized Pathology Lab

Unio's centralized lab generates efficiencies and outstanding service while providing a wide array of testing with investments being made into new technology (e.g., genomic testing).

In-Office Dispensing and Infusion Services

Unio partners have the opportunity to introduce or expand in-office dispensing and infusion services, improving patient care and access and creating value in their practices.

Clinical Trials and Clinical Research

Unio has long standing experience in clinical trials and clinical research with multiple publications in peer reviewed journals and an opportunity to grow and expand across a broader network.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Unio has developed an alliance with a market-leading ASC management company, expanding opportunities for our partners to benefit from ASC ownership.

Chronic Care Management

Unio’s Chronic Care Management program elevates patient care, controls healthcare costs and creates new growth opportunities for Unio partners.